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Concerning the Judiciary situation in Serbia

During Ankara meeting held on 4th July 2010 MEDEL Bureau heard the report of the Judges’ Association of Serbia and Prosecutors Association of Serbia about post-reappointment situation in Serbian Judiciary.

Having in mind
• International documents about the judiciary situation in Serbia1
• important shortcomings in the judicial reform in Serbia regarding the composition and independence of the High Judicial Council and State Prosecutorial Council, the application of objective criteria and the transparency and the reliability of the overall process
• indications of possible solutions of the post re-appointment issues, especially regarding the prosecutors
• Still unsolved appeals of more than 830 judges and more than 120 prosecutors in front of the Constitutional Court even though the prescribed period for issuing the decision had expired at the end of May
• The termination of their health, social and remuneration rights on the 30th June 2010,

MEDEL expresses its deepest concerns and urges Serbian authorities to carry out a full review of the procedure in the shortest time, safeguarding the status of non re-appointed judges and prosecutors till the end of the legal procedure and enabled them full scope of rights on fair trial prescribed by the article 6 of European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
MEDEL will continue and intensify its support such a process and closely monitor and inform international institutions and authorities, including the UN Special Rapporteur, about its concerns and future developments
MEDEL invites the European Parliament and the European Commission to continue supporting and monitoring the review of re-appointment bearing in mind Serbia’s determination to adhere to the European Union

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