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Multi Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support in Serbia (TF071171) Annual Report 2009 PDF Print

April 2010

Multi Donor Trust Fund for Justice Sector Support in Serbia (TF071171) Annual Report 2009


Following the preparatory activities undertaken in 2009, the following key deliverables are expected during 2010
Judicial Public Expenditure and Institutional Review (JPEIR)
The objective of the JPEIR is to provide input to the design of the next phase of justice sector reform in
Serbia. The audience for the JPEIR will be the key actors driving judicial reforms in the Ministry of
Justice and stakeholders like the Courts, the High Judicial Council, the Prosecutors, elected decision
makers and civil society representatives
JPEIR will assess and provide recommendations in the fields of (i) expenditures, revenues and
performance of the justice sector; (ii) financial management including budget formulation, budget
execution including procurement, internal control, external control, and reporting; and (iii) human
resources management including recruitment, career management, remuneration, pensions, training, etc.
Reform Status Assessment
The Reform Status Assessment, funded by the MDTF-JSS but undertaken by the Council of Europe
(CoE), will provide an assessment of reforms undertaken since 2006, their implementation status and
achieved results. The CoE will identify legislative gaps and obstacles hindering the reform of the
judiciary in Serbia and provide policy recommendations on how to bring the organization and functioning
of the Serbian judiciary in line with European standards concerning independence, efficiency,
transparency and accessibility of justice. The review will also include a roadmap, including an indicative
time-table, for the implementation of the recommendations. The findings and recommendation of this
work will provide key strategic elements for the second phase of justice sector reforms in Serbia, and
provide solid guidance to Serbian justice sector authorities in their efforts to meet the EU-related criteria
pertaining to justice sector.
Justice sector performance and service delivery survey
This initial survey will provide baseline data against which the Serbian justice sector authorities will be
able measure the progress in justice sector efficiency, quality of service, access, fairness and costeffectiveness
in follow-up surveys.
Establishment of a Reform Facilitation Unit
The Reform Facility Unit, comprising up to eight core support personnel, will be responsible for
contributing to achieving the Government’s reform goals. The Unit is planned to be established under the
Recipient-executed portion of the Trust Fund, and it will be situated within the Ministry of Justice. The
Unit is envisioned to consist of long term consultants, legal experts and short term consultants. The Unit
will provide expert advice, recommendations and technical assistance and its tasks will include drafting of
technical and policy notes and papers, providing input to strategic planning, facilitation of aid
coordination and aid effectiveness, and supporting in project design and implementation.
Capacity building of court staff in implementation of case management software (AVP software)
As mentioned above, the Ministry of Justice is developing a software system for automated case
management for courts of general jurisdiction. The implementation of this project started in December
2009 and is scheduled to be completed by August 2010. The training is delivered to groups of court staff
of 5-15 persons and total number of court employees which will be included in this capacity building
training is 5,785.
Justice sector performance measurement
MDTF-JSS will stay engaged in the area of justice sector performance measurement. Planned steps for
2010 include identification of performance measurement indicators together with relevant stakeholders
and discussions of institutional anchoring.''

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