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Marina Matic IAP Newsletter, february 2011.

The association of public prosecutors and deputy public prosecutors of Serbia hosted the5th IAP Regional conference for Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia.
The conference was sponsored by the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP),  which  is the only prosecutorial professional organization on a global scale and whose  membership has more than 140 prosecution organizations from around the world. The Conference entitled “Cooperation against Corruption” was held from 27  -  30  October 2010 in Belgrade. Participants at the conference included two hundred prosecutors, judges, governmental authorities, representatives of NGOs and Embassies from the host country and abroad. There were representatives from thirty different countries around the world: Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, South Korea, United States, Czech Republic, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, all countries in the region, and many others.

The conference was opened by Goran Ilić, PhD president of the Management board of the Prosecutors  Association of Serbia and deputy Republic prosecutor, H.E.Vincent Degert, Head of EU Delegation to Serbia, Thomas Moore, Acting Head of OSCE Mission to Serbia and Earl Licenberger, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Serbia.



On the first day of the conference attendees were addressed by Derk Kuipers, Secretary General of the International Association of Prosecutors, Jadranka Jelinčić, director of the Fund for Open Society, Christian Hueck, Program Manager of the IRZ Foundation, Vito Monetti, President of the European Association of judges and  prosecutors for Freedom and Democracy (MEDEL) who spoke about the importance of  international cooperation in asset confiscation, Elizabeth Howe, General Counsel of the  International Association of Prosecutors, spoke about experiences with internal control  mechanisms to prevent corruption within the prosecution service, Carlos Donoso, a Vice President of the International Association of Prosecutors and currently the President of the Prosecutors Association of  Argentina offered a presentation about the role of prosecutor in the fight against corruption Delagates also heard from Nemanja Nenadić,  Programme Director of Transparency Serbia and Dimitrije Popić, deputy special  prosecutor for Organized Crime. 

Attendees were able to exchange experiences with colleagues from EU countries: delegates had the benefit of hearing from Adina Daria Lupea, a judge from Romania, Miroslav Specian, a prosecutor from the Czech Republic, Alberto Perduca, a prosecutor from Italy and  Director of Investigations and Operations in OLAF, Arthur Ozimek, a judge from Poland, Melinda Szabo, a prosecutor from Hungary and Eric Alt, a judge of Court of Cassation from France.

The second day of the conference was dedicated to cooperation between prosecution services and anti-corruption authorities. Attendees were addressed by Zorana Marković, director of the Serbian Agency for Anticorruption, Xavier Sisternas, Assistant Director of the Agency for fight against fraud in Catalonia, Kendal Day, Chief of the Anti- Corruption  Department at the U.S. Embassy in Serbia, Aleksandar Vujičić, Director of the Agency for money laundering prevention, Glyn Powell, Serious Fraud Office of the United Kingdom, Pedro Baranita, Public Prosecutor from Portugal and Ignacio Gonzales Vega, judge from Spain. Representatives of Republic of Korea and Kazakhstan also addressed the participants about forthcoming IAP Conferences and The World Summit in Korea in 2011. 

Assigning such an important conference to the Prosecutors Association of Serbia affirms that the efforts and contributions made by the association, especially in investing in the process of judicial reform in the Republic of Serbia are recognized by the relevant actors in the field of justice at a global level.
The importance of the conference in our country is reflected both in drawing public attention to the problems of corruption, as well as by establishing a platform for public  and expert discussion at all levels of government.  Also, the conference was an opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues from abroad and to establish contacts with the aim of future cooperation.

The International Association of Prosecutors noted the excellent organization of the 5th IAP Regional Conference for Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia, and awarded special recognition to Goran Ilić, PhD. The conference was very well covered by the media which is evidenced by numerous reports in almost all major electronic and
print media in Serbia.

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