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Conference venue: Belgrade, Serbia-“Cooperating against corruption” PDF Print

Conference venue: Belgrade, Serbia-The theme of the Conference is “Cooperating against corruption”
Conference period: 27 - 30 October

Conference website:  http://www.iap2010belgrade.rs



One of the objectives of the IAP is
"To promote international co-operation in gathering and providing evidence; in tracking, seizing and forfeiting the proceeds of serious crime; and in the prosecution of fugitive criminals"

In today's world the need for cooperation between countries is of great importance. Due to the occurrence of cross-border crime, the need for exchange of information and joint action is required. After many periods of crisis that hit the region, cooperation is set as a condition that would contribute to the strengthening of the state in this region, as well as further development of the region.
Topics such as International conventions in the area of fight against corruption, Corruption criminal acts, Position of whistle-blowers, Corruption criminal acts and Experience in prevention of corruption in prosecution office, will come up for discussion during the Conference.
These are familiar topics to us all but demand ever more sophisticated, clever and resourceful responses from prosecuting and law enforcement agencies.

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